Sarvajanik Education Society

Fit India Merethon

Fit India Merethon

Merethon 2020 arranged for students and staffs for colleges of Sarvajanik Education Society under the "Fit India Merethon" at 11/01/2020 , Saturday at 6:30 a.m. from gate of M.T.B. College Campus. The Principals, Professors and approximate 2000 students were took parts in this event. Mr. Kamlesh Yagnik,Mr. Yatish Parekh,Mr. S.A.Raval, Mr. Ghanshyamprasad Sanadhya, Mr. Mayank Desai, Mr.Narendra Gandhi had flag off and started the Merethon.

Principal of Sir P.T.Sarvajanik College of Science Mr. Pruthul Desai, Principal of sir K.P.College  of  Commerce Mrs. Martina Narohana  and I/C. Princiapal of Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology Mr. Hiren Patel got special prize.

In above 50 Mr. Uttam Patel got first prize and Mr. Jiju Sachinwala, Asst. Secretary of Sarvajanik Education Society got second prize.


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