Sarvajanik Education Society

Aims & Objectives

The Institution as a constituent College of the Sarvajanik Education Society (Management), shares the latter’s aims and objects “to spread education, by making it less expensive and easily accessible without discrimination, ensuring equity”.  The Institution aspires to go beyond its primary objective to train technically competent, ethical law graduates, embedded with sense of duly and professional responsibility, to serve the needs of the local community.

The Institution aims to progressively realize the following objectives.

  1. To train students for national, transnational and international practice and for globalization.
  2. To engage the students in critical intellectual enquiry into discipline of law with innovative methods of pedagogy and use of ICT in law teaching.
  3. To introduce value added courses and programmes.
  4. To take up intensive faculty development programmesand take up comprehensive research and publication endeavours by the students and the faculty.
  5. To establish a robust mechanism for students’ feed back,for quality assurance and for placement.
  6. To train students and young advocates to stand up for the rule of law, to inculcate an aspiration for improvement of the law and for the operation of legal system and for the achievement of social justice.
  7. To educate and train students for community leadership and for civic responsibility.
  8. To play “outreach” role in terms of providing services to the community, through clinical programmes, extensive networking and building partnerships.