Sarvajanik Education Society

Esteemed Visitors

“Good & cheap education”
– Founder, SES – Late Shri C. G. Shah

“It has been receiving a steady flow of funds from philanthropists for the expansion of its manifold educational action.”
– Governor – K.K. Vishvanathan 03.01.1976

“Men of great eminence, dedication and distinguished academic achievements have looked after the educational institutes with devotion and care and have had the satisfaction of seeing them recognized as among the best in every way during (92 years).”
– H. M. Patel – Ex Finance Minister

The Society is Just like “Kabir Vad”.
– Justice Bhgvati 1976

“The achievements of Sarvajanik Education Society would be found on comparison to be second to none.”
– C. D. Deshmukh – 05.12.1960

“Society’s Govern Golden job souvenir to be put on website”.
“Money and direction, equipment and system administration and control are indispensable but in education there is nothing that matters so much as the real motives and ideology of teacher.”
– Sarvapali Radhakrishnan

***Below Listed were also visited to Sarvajanik Education Society.

Justice Pandya

Shri RadhaKumud Mukharji

Shri Popatlal G. Shah