Sarvajanik Education Society



Shri Chunilal Ghelabhai Shah : The founder of Sarvajanik Education Society, who was born on 5th May, 1866. He inherited the academic vision, worth and spirit of teaching from his father as he was a teacher in a Government Secondary School. He had worked as a teacher in Surat, Dharampur, and Rander and as a clerk in the postal department, before he appeared for the P.E. Examination for the last time in 1888. But having passed the examination he gave up his collegiate education and set about thinking of starting a school, the great work of his life. He was closely associated with Navalram the author of Gujarati literature. The idea of starting a school not relying on the favour of Government originated with his friend Athawala. These two friends with two other coworkers and partners took up the question of serving the city by opening a school to impart good and cheap education. He was foresighted academician without any showy paper qualification, who started the very first school of Society and established Sarvajanik Education Society in October, 1912.