Sarvajanik Education Society

Vision / Mission

The southern part of Gujarat where the city of Surat is situated is a historical, commercial and a port city dealing in an international trade and navigation since last many centuries. At present the growth into a mega city is it’s present scenario. In view of this multi faced growth of this region very naturally the situation demands that the century old academic institution should come forward to be its replica of the social, economical and academic momentum which has started emerging in the area of South Gujarat.

The South Gujarat University i.e at present known as Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, is rendering its services to the society, but to buster up the growth and to provide updated timely and apt education to our future generation so as to enable them to meet with the challenges of the times to come competently, and to grow into a galaxy of research scientists and technocrats to provide academic and scholastic leadership to the nation. Seems to be hard pressed and inadequate in scope looking to its limitations.

The city of Surat is fast growing into metropolitan city and attracting people from all different states of India, so naturally the interaction and integration between the people of all different states has been a routine process, in terms of their Socio Economic and academic aspirations. Undoubtedly people migrating from different states strive hard in this region to reach the expected height of their standard of living similar to that of the natives, Gujaraties & people from different advance states. Their wards either brought here in their childhood or born here have been aspiring to avail themselves of batter academic opportunities to cope up with the demands of the age time and advancing scenario. In view of all these factors and forces, the SES the century long academic institution Philanthropic in nature and functioning in this direction is required to remold itself into an autonomous organization as University and further to turn out to be a timely and aptly a genuine replica to the Society falling in line with the University like M.S. University of Baroda.

It is only through this deemed or autonomous status our institute can not only enjoy academic autonomy but free will and free rope to frame and formulate new courses diplomas and training & orientation programmes so as to reciprocate and cater to the needs of industries, farmers, sugar can growers, mariners diamond merchants, diamond workers, our talented technocrats – past students, galaxy of our scholars, principals, professors and ex students who are at present research scientists, economist and academicians. We are fortunate to have this mini world of stars to our credit, all through this century.

Having taken the due cognizance of our glorious magnitude as such the NAC Committee, during its official visit to our very first College, M.T.B. Arts College has recorded in its official report, that institution as such could have opted for the status of deemed or autonomous University long back. Better late than never we are so awakened now, and committed to realize our vision through this genuine Endeavour with your promising guidance reciprocation and every possible patronisation.